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The Difference Between Boy's and Girl's Lacrosse
Published by Lisa Stachura, April 06, 2010 on (

Sometimes just sitting in the stands can cause sports fans a headache. In the sport of lacrosse, for instance, the different rules for each gender can be very confusing.
There are major and minor differences in boys and girls lacrosse that spectators must learn to recognize.

The biggest difference in this fast-paced game is that in boy's lacrosse the rules allow both contact sticks and "checking." This checking within restrictions allows the guys the ability to make contact above the waist. Girl's lacrosse is strictly a non-contact sport. The players are allowed, however, to stick-check.

Players cradle the ball to protect it from opponents stick-checking to get at the ball. A stick check can be used to steal the ball. Checking the head of the stick can knock the ball to the ground where it can be stolen.

Checking is a major difference because it affects the play of the game. Teams who cannot control and protect the ball will not be successful because it is easier to steal.

Spectators will acknowledge some minor differences as well as the major one. Field length, number of players and game time are minor but distinguishable differences.

In girl's lacrosse, field length is longer than a boy's field but can vary due to playing level. There are 10 yards behind each goal which gives the length from goal to goal 80 yards apart. Boy's lacrosse is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide and no matter what level this is their standard set up.

Boy's lacrosse is played with ten members; a goalie, three defenders, three middies (midfield), and three attackers. This requires four men on defense and three men on offence at all times to remain from being off sides. The boy's positions are attack, midfield, and defense with no specific names.

Girl's lacrosse has a makeup of twelve members; a goalie, five defense and six attack. For off sides to not occur, there must be five players on defense and four players on offense at all times. The positions are different as well moving up the field one by one for girls with specific names for each player.

The last minor difference is game time. For boy's, the game time is divided into quarters similar to basketball with short breaks between quarter one/two and three/four. Each quarter is between ten to fifteen minutes long depending on age group. For girl's, the game is divided into halves of twenty to twenty-five minutes. Each gender will have a ten minutes half-time.

With a rise in this popular game the differences that separate the genders will help the understanding of the basic of lacrosse. With a basic understanding of the rules between boys and girls lacrosse will help the headache of not knowing vanish and then one can really enjoy the game.